About Us

CMH Tools Limited is a professionally managed public limited company located in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. It started production in the year 1977. The Company is manufacturing all types of Gear Cutting Tools like Hobs, Shaving Cutters, Shaper Cutters, Spline / Rack Milling Cutters, Serration Cutters, Worm Wheel hobs, Taper Hobs and Master Gears used on Gear Roll Testers.

The Tools manufactured by the company are supplied to many leading Automobile manufacturers of Commercial Vehicles, Cars, Tractors, Two Wheelers etc., The company is fully equipped to design and manufacture all types of quality Gear Cutting Tools and got all the facilities for in-house manufacturing, quality control and Heat Treatment.

Since October 2012, CMH Tools is a joint venture company of Gebr. Saacke GmbH & Co. Germany. Saacke is headquartered in Pforzheim near Stuttgart and was established in 1892 and has been producing Precision Tools and Tool & Cutter grinding machines for over 100 years. Saacke tools are renowned for their excellent quality and precision and have set new benchmarks in the industry.

CMH have also commissioned state of the art Saacke CNC hob profile grinding machine and can now offer customers full range of Hobs in HSS and PM material upto AAA class accuracy and in addition also supply the following tools from Saacke portfolio.

Gear Hobs - Module 0.5 to 42
Heavy duty Roughing Hobs - Module 5 to 30
Worm wheel Hobs � Module 0.3 to 30 (Tangential/Radial or high    performance radial types) and worm cutters
Carbide Hobs - Module 0.2 onwords
Shaper cutters - Module 0.7 to 12
Deburring tools, Form milling cutters etc.